Divisional Headquarters

The Divisional Headquarters for The Salvation Army's operations in Southwest Ohio-Northeast Kentucky are located at:

114 East Central Parkway Contact us
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Divisional Commander: Major Larry Ashcraft
Divisional Director of Women's Ministries: Major Janet Ashcraft

General Secretary and Command Privacy & Information Security Officer: Major Tim Lyle
Divisional Secretary: Major Willie Mae Lyle

Divisional Finance Secretary: Major K. Stewart Dalrymple
Assistant Finance Secretary & Men's Fellowship Secretary: Major Stewart Dalrymple
Finance Officers: Capt. Larry R. Setty, Jr. and Capt. Doris Setty

Fellowship of Silver Star Secretary & Lay Leadership Secretary & Community Care Ministries Secretary & Command Keep Safe Coordinator: Major Gayle Luby
Assistant Program Secretary, Command Spiritual Life & Development Secretary, and Women's Ministries Secretary: Major Crista-Lynn Dalrymple

Divisional Youth Secretary/Associate Divisional Candidates Secretary: Capt. Shaun Belanger
Divisional Candidates Secretary/Associate Divisional Youth Secretary: Capt. Kimberly Belanger

Divisional Human Resources Director: Kent Robinson

Divisional Director of Development: Julie C. Budden, CFRE
Development & Special Projects Officer: Capt. John Luby
Donor Relations Director: Vicky Hall
Planned Giving Director: Melanie Parscal
Special Events & Corporate Relations Manager: Deanna Powell
Community Relations Associate: Chelsey Schlembach
Grant Writer: Gerald Planck
Kettle Coordinator: Robin Webster