Housing & Homeless Services

Shelter is one of the most basic of human needs. Yet many people in our community face the challenge of a place to live that provides the context within which they can improve themselves, seek employment and further their lives and those of their loved ones.

familiesThe Salvation Army's housing programs meet individuals and families at this most basic level of need. An array of housing programs addresses the varying needs of those seeking a place to call home. Increasingly, the focus is shifting from temporary measures to more permanent solutions that increase the likelihood of success and sustainability.

The goals of The Salvation Army's housing programs include:

  • Increase the income of the client
  • Permanent housing
  • Increase the life skills of the client, and thus, their self-determination

By focusing on these key goals, we seek to stabilize lives and increase the opportunities for a more productive, self-sustaining future.

One resource available to our Housing clients is the use of the Empowerment Center.  The Center provides access to computer-based resources for job skill development, job searching, resume development and searching for apartments.

Emergency Shelter

The goal of the Emergency Shelter is to provide temporary housing for those that need a place to call home. The Salvation Army's Emergency Shelter program has been in place since 1895, making it the oldest such program in the city of Cincinnati. It is staffed 24/7. Our shelter participates in the Family Shelter Partnership collaborative, to better serve families across Hamilton County, OH.

The program provides temporary housing to single women and their minor children who are homeless. We provide a safe, stable and clean environment with hot meals and case management to promote self-sufficiency. Individuals in the program develop service plans and meet with a social worker to alleviate barriers that prevent them from becoming self-sufficient. Assistance may include employment or training programs, money management and life skills.

To seek shelter, call 513-381-SAFE (513-381-7233). For more information on the Emergency Shelter program, please call 513-762-5660.

Additional Housing Programs

Additional housing programs include transitional housing (now at scattered sites), permanent housing and rapid re-housing. Offerings vary depending upon the situation of the individual or family seeking assistance, as well as funding structures that vary over time.

Those seeking housing assistance should call 513-762-5660, to be referred to the appropriate Salvation Army center for an in-person visit with a trained staff member.