Affordable Housing for Seniors--Booth Residences

Aging should include peace of mind. Many senior citizens in our community are living on fixed incomes and are often without immediate family nearby. Seniors have a great deal to contribute and they want to remain active members of the community. We believe that aging adults in our neighborhoods deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and compassion. We want them to enjoy this time of their life free from isolation, financial stress and hunger.


The Salvation Army provides housing facilities at a moderate cost for senior citizens and those with physical handicaps or mobility impairments. 

The Booth Residence is located at 6000 Townevista Drive in Cincinnati and has one-bedroom and handicap apartments. Residents can enjoy daily activities, a community library and daily meals.

The Catherine Booth Residence includes two buildings and each are three stories. It is located on the beautiful 40-acre Center Hill Campus in North College Hill, at 6385 and 6387 Center Hill Avenue. Like the Booth Residence, the Catherine Booth Residence has one-bedroom and handicap apartments.

Community Care Ministries

Some of our local community centers offer a visitation program that connects Salvation Army officers and volunteers to people in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living buildings, private residences and correctional facilities.

Looking for Housing?

For more information about residency, please call (513) 242-4482.