Majors Larry & Janet Ashcraft

Larry and Janet Ashcraft have been Salvation Army officers for over thirty years. They are currently appointed as the Divisional Leaders for the Southwest Ohio and Northeast Kentucky Division.

They come to Cincinnati from The Montclair Citadel Corps in New Jersey. It is a multi-faceted ministry which includes premiere music and arts programs and a large ministry to the homeless. The congregation reflects what William Booth imagined; having highly-educated and economically secure people, rubbing elbows with and embracing the homeless from the community on a daily basis and in worship. The Corps is built on small group ministry, where all can find a place of intimate spiritual nurture and grace.

Prior to their appointment to Montclair, the Ashcrafts held various corps, divisional, territorial and training appointments. Youth work has been a large part of Ashcrafts' ministry. They were divisional youth leaders for five years and territorial youth leaders for nearly three years. They are the founders of Project 1:17 School of Youth Ministry and Mission, the forerunner of the Railton School of Youth Ministry and Salvation Factory. For six years in that ministry the Ashcrafts worked to disciple and train young leaders for integral lay ministry positions, focusing on youth considered at-risk.

The Ashcrafts are both graduates of Nyack College. Janet holds a Master's Degree in Family Counseling from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.

They have two sons. Joel is married. He, and his wife, Kathleen, were just commissioned as officers and are serving as corps officers of the Brooklyn Bay Ridge Corps in New York. Janet and Larry's younger son, Christopher, is part of the leadership team of a consulting firm in Washington, DC. The Ashcrafts are proud grandparents of the 56th President of The United States, Matthew Russell Ashcraft and the future corporate magnate Evelyn Kate.

The Ashcrafts are often speakers and teachers at various gatherings. They have taught or been lead speakers at the Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings, Central Bible Leadership Institute, various youth gatherings and other Salvation Army events, internationally.

Larry enjoys biking, sports and good political discussion. Janet is a walker and enjoys reading, teaching on prayer and spiritual development. Their deepest desire is to see emerging generations become disciples of Christ, convinced of the need for personal and congregational holiness, while assuming leadership in the Church.