Center Hill

Zip Codes Served:

45215, 45216, 45217, 45218, 45223, 45224, 45231, 45232, 45239, 45240, 45241, 45246, 45251

Communities Served:

Bevis, Colerain, College Hill, Elmwood Place, Evendale, Finneytown, Forest Park, Green Hills, Montgomery, Hartwell, Lincoln Heights, Maineville, Mason, Mt. Airy, Mt. Healthy, North College, Northgate, St. Bernard, Tri-County, Winton Woods, Woodlawn, Wyoming

Programs & Services

Each Salvation Army Corp offers Family Services, Youth Development Programs, Housing Services,

Emergency Disaster Relief Services.  Below are additional programs that are offered through the Center Hill Corp.

Unique Center Hill Programs and Services:

- Booth Residence

The Booth Residence is an assisted housing facility that provides safe and comfortable living conditions at moderate costs for senior citizens and those with physical handicaps or mobility impairments. It is designed to provide safe and comfortable living conditions to seniors or those with impairments at a moderate cost. The building, which is primarily funded by HUD, has 150 apartments. In addition to daily activities and a community library offered to residents, meals are also available for residents.

- Catherine Booth Residence

The Catherine Booth Residence is made up of two three-story buildings located in the beautiful 40-acre Center Hill Campus located in North College Hill.  Like the Booth Residence, the Catherine Booth Residence has one-bedroom and handicap apartments.

  • The Catherine Booth Residence is a non-smoking facility, which offers a safe environment with a variety of support services, including:
  • Service coordination
  • Health services
  • Transportation services
  • Education and employment opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Life enrichment
  • Socialization and recreation
  • Spiritual services

- Community Care Ministries

The Community Care Ministries is a visitation program that connects Salvation Army officers and volunteers to those with special needs, physical impairments or the aging.


Year-round, officers and volunteers visit individuals in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living buildings, private residences and correctional facilities. Special visitations are held during Christmas and Easter holidays to provide gifts along with physical and spiritual support.