Worship With Us

At its core, The Salvation Army is a Christian Church. Salvation Army Officers, who are also ordained ministers, and commit their lives to serving those in need and bringing people into a meaningful relationship with God through Christ.

Our local Community and Worship Centers provide various educational, recreational, social services and spiritual programs, aimed at reflecting our Christian faith and values to all those we serve.

Are you looking for a church home? 


Batavia Corps; 87 N. Market St.; 513-732-6241

The Citadel (Downtown); 120 East Central Parkway; 513-762-5649

Center Hill Corps; 6381 Center Hill Ave; 513-242-9100

West Side Corps; 3503 Warsaw Ave; 513-251-1424

Northern Kentucky

Covington Corps; 1806 Scott Boulevard; 859-261-0835

Newport Corps; 340 W. 10th St; 859-431-1063

For additional center locations in the region, please click here.