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There are many people - elderly, disabled - who are unable to get out of their homes without assistance. Frequently they do not have family members who are available to help. Their friends often have passed on or are also incapacitated in some way.

These individuals drift slowly but surely into a small, narrow and lonely world of their own.  More than ever, they need people in their lives, visitors to provide friendship, companionship and love.  This is where the Salvation Army League of Mercy can help.

The League of Mercy volunteers visit people in nursing homes, group homes, veterans' facilities, mental health facilities, hospitals, prisons and private homes where individuals are isolated and unable to connect and communicate with people in the outside world. League of Mercy visitors provide a spiritual and social ministry to those who are sick, handicapped, elderly, and those who are lonely and discouraged, whether in institutions or private homes.

League of Mercy visitors offer to pray with the residents or patients they come to see. They share encouraging words from the Bible and bring along fun activities such as crafts, birthday parties, or music. They help people feel valued, cared about, and alive again.