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The Piqua Salvation Army's youth programs seek to expose young people to cultural, educational, recreational, emotional and social growth opportunities.  We offer character-building programs for area youth that include Sunday school, music classes, athletics and sporting events, arts and crafts, camping, and more.

Many young people who participate in our programs do not have access or opportunity to have these experiences otherwise. They have not experienced the peace or safety of camping in the rural countryside. Many have never had the opportunity to play a musical instrument, or to make crafts and play competitive games in a protected setting.

The Salvation Army gives all youth a chance to experience educational enrichment, life skills development, and spiritual and physical wellness. Such experiences allow these at-risk children and adolescents to envision and pursue better futures. 

These young people enrichment programs are offered in conjunction with other family services that promote positive living. By offering helpful alternatives and hope, The Salvation Army assists at-risk youths and families to avoid social dysfunction and crime.  Our programs serve to channel children's energy into constructive activities that foster physical, psychological and spiritual growth.

Salvation Army youth programs place special emphasis on activities that encourage character and life skills development. Through mentoring and education, disadvantaged children and teens are shown the possibility of a better life.

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