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THE SALVATION ARMY IN CLARK COUNTY HAS MANY YOUTH PROGRAMS. Each offering somthing a bit different, and specifically crafted to minister to our inner city youth.  We have a full time youth leader, Dennis Fry, on staff  to serve the city of Springfield.  If you have any questions on our programs he can be contacted at 937-322-3434 ext 306.


A program for at-risk 6th grade boys and girls that raises the level of expectations in the lives of these young people and challenges them to live a life of excellence. 
This is a program that encompasses mind, body and soul.  As a direct result of TRAILBLAZERS, the children participating in the program enjoy improved academics, school attendance and behavior.  The children also learn leadership, responsibility, communication skills, good hygiene and how to blaze their OWN trail for others to follow.


A program that helps children to learn a musical instrument at no charge to them.
At The Salvation Army, we are well aware that music plays a vital role in the lives of urban children.  Music is everywhere they go!  It simply speaks a language we can not.  To ignore its power and influence would be foolish.  We also realize that when a child is learning and playing an instrument, the time for doing some much less constructive is minimized.  Research also shows that when a child learns an instrument, a child's ability to manage anxiety and control emotions are increased.